• What's with the horrible music? Cant even hear you.

  • can't wait for more Chicago footage nice video

  • It's sad that modern Japan has really fallen behind places such as China and even South Korea or Singapore.

  • As someone who has lived for almost 20 years in Japan, a bit in Tokyo and mostly elsewhere, let me tell you something I tell everyone talking about Japan and more specifically Tokyo:
    Tokyo isn't Japan. Tokyo is Tokyo. Japan is Japan. There's so much that applies to Tokyo that doesn't to anywhere else. Tokyo is its own beast.

  • looks like the world's largest stack of used washing machines. Kinda cool

  • Regarding capsule hotels, the design philosophy of modern capsule hotels has changed A LOT. The ones you showed are, let's say, more classic ones. Modern ones have MUCH more space, some offer as much room as 5 or 6 times a classic capsule, and prices have stayed pretty much the same. There are channels on YT that travel around Japan and visit different hotels, many of them capsule hotels, to show them to us, and you can check it out by yourself: Sukiyaki Travel, and Solo Solo Travel.

  • The intro music is now at a good volume but the music that you played throughout the video was louder than your dialogue in many spots which made it very hard to hear you

  • Looks like a monument to front loading washers.

  • Tokyo used to be a cyber city.
    It stopped in the 90's (ĀÆā€•ĀÆŁ„)
    Now it 's shenzhen in šŸ‡ØšŸ‡³

  • London has no problems making new buildings that meet codes look great and really standout, The Gherkin, The Shard, Lloyd's Building, The Walkie-Talkie, The Cheesegrater and London City Hall just to name a few……. Thanks for posting.

  • Background music is wayyy too loud my guy. I stopped watching.

  • It's sad that this was left to rot. One of the most beautiful buildings ever imo.

  • My favorite part of these capsules was the "reel to reel" tape deck as the "entertainment center". How long was music released in that format? Or was it supposed to be for pirated music?
    It took up so much space that they could of at least put in a burner and sink to cook some ramen!

  • Looks like a dystopian nightmare.

  • I don't want to live in a little concrete box without a kitchen.

  • Lol…9 square meters was the size of my cubicle when I worked for the State of New York!
    I would sometimes wonder if I could live in a space that size and try to figure a layout.
    The house I live in now is more than I need and figure that for a person 500 square feet with two bedrooms, a living room/dining room, kitchen and bath is all that is necessary to live comfortably.

  • @9:45 What is that annoying ticking??

  • Where in Tokyo would I be able to see a surviving pod today?
    For instance, where was the photo at 9:34 taken?

  • Ugly as fuck.

  • This is slowly becoming my favorite channel

  • Here we have the old saying, "It looked good on paper." šŸ™„

  • Without doing any research, Iā€™d like to imagine this structure played some role in future-tense building designs of both movies, the original Blade Runner &, The Filth Element? Perhaps maybe even, Ghost in the Shell

  • I tried a capsule hotel in Shinjuku, which was not that tower but capsules inside a normal building. Man, you simply CANNOT sleep one minute. No door so you hear everything and the night is full of drunk people, people arriving at any time (one with skis!!!). Horrible experience! My wife and daughter had a better night in the ladies part of the hotel. Women don't drink.

  • "The starting point of all achievement is desire." –Napoleon Hill

  • I'm just not sure how the title, especially the word elitist applies at all. The building isn't luxurious, wasn't expensive to build and was meant to be sustainable with the capsules being replaceable . It wasn't built for the elite at all.

  • Please take the level down on your background music because at this point it's barely background

  • Im sure Japanese people love hearing how the United States contributed to their 'miracle economic growth'..

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